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Day of the Dead, one of the most alive traditions in Mexico

Mexico is a country rich in traditions, one of them is the Day of the Dead, a celebration and a tribute to those who have already left, and the season comes with a great variety, it should be noted that this celebration is one of the main traditions of our country and takes place on November 1st and 2nd.

In Mexico City different events are held that are part of this celebration, and that are part of our culture, it is worth noting that this tradition is rooted since pre-Hispanic times although today they also incorporate elements of Catholicism and even modern touches.

In Mexico, the day of the dead is celebrated for two days on November 1, called All Saints' Day, when the souls of children arrive, and on November 2, the day of the dead, is when adults arrive. .

Death has been in all cultures and throughout history, an event that invites reflection, rituals, ceremonies, the search for answers, which causes fear, admiration and uncertainty.

Pre-Hispanic cultures shared the belief that there is a spiritual and immortal entity that gives consciousness to human beings and that after death continues its path in the world of the dead, where it still needs utensils, tools and food.

As part of the Day of the Dead celebration, Monumental Catrina Parades are held, where attendees dress up as terrifying characters while some distribute sweets to children dressed as mummies, spiders, widows, catrinas, among many more. It is certainly an unforgettable experience.

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